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PS without BS: Showing a popup box and killing it

This is a simple solution for those wanting to show a popup box, but not leave it up indefinitely. This may be useful if you
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PS without BS: Replacing Select Case True

This is a short blog to describe how to replace VBScript's brilliant "Select Case True" with PowerShell.

Instead of evaluating one variable, what happens

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When SQL has no certificate...

Yesterday I posted a blog on how to identify the SQL Certificate used. I had some questions come from this, and the biggest one
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Server Core: Navigating an old but new world

Lately, I've done a lot of posting on Server Core and one thing I've neglected to write on is how you actually navigate in this
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PS without BS: Finding the SQL Cert and trusting it to a remote system

This was an interesting case, and surprisingly didn't really find anything on how to do this out there. But, the problem statement was simple. When
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Navy to flight test first-of-its-kind carrier-launched drone in 2021
Alabama pastor cuts up Nikes during sermon in Kaepernick protest
Kavanaugh accuser has not yet accepted invitation to testify before Congress
Spain rejects extraditing HSBC whistleblower to Switzerland
General Mills: Fiscal 1Q Earnings Snapshot
Weather Channel's frightening augmented reality videos show 'worst-case' storm surge
ICE agent in Oregon accused of sexual abuse of minor
Trump to declassify the 'insurance policy' in the Strzok-Page text, Nunes says
Burt Reynolds left son Quinton out of his will: report
Rams backup center arrested on DUI suspicion, police say
WHAT'S HAPPENING: Water will haunt Carolinas after Florence
The moral and political dilemma created by Kavanaugh's accuser
Planned Parenthood boss wanted doctors to reveal their funding and views on abortion -- despite doing neither
Serena Williams insists she did not receive coaching in interview addressing US Open final
Video of shooting on repeat at Chicago cop's murder trial

Today's History

2010: Chileans celebrate the 200-year anniversary of their independence
2010: In New Zealand, 100,000 people are left without water after a large storm; the storm took the roof off of Stadium Southland in Invercargill
1997: Seve Ballesteros and Nick Faldo elected to World Golf Hall of Fame
1997: Ted Turner gives $1 billion to the United Nations
1996: Roger Clemens ties his own major league record with 20 strikeouts
1995: Art Modell 1st meets (he claims) with Baltimore to move Browns
1995: Space shuttle STS-69 (Endeavour 9), lands
1994: Ken Burn's "Baseball" premieres on PBS
1994: Austrian conservative Vice President wins elections/extreme right gets 18.5%
1994: 1st Presidents Golf Cup: U.S. beats International team 20-12 at Robert Jones Va