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Demystify PKI - Act II: Certificate Logging

This is a quick blog on how to enable certificate logging, as by default this is not enabled in Windows.

First, a common falacy

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Demystify PKI (aka AD Certificate Services) - Act I: Cryptography

Some things are just a lot to digest, and so I thought it may be useful to the ditial world to kind of break down
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PS without BS: Removing WMI Queries from GPMC

PS without BS: Removing WMI Queries from GPMC

One of the neat features back in (cough) Windows Server 2003 was the addition of WMI

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Lee's Excel Troubleshooting Guide

In troubleshooting various Excel issues, I have found the following solutions to work quite often. Here are my notes in troubleshooting Excel. This was intended
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Today's History

2011: A professor from New York University has an experimental life-blogging camera removed from his head after his immune system rejected the implant
2011: A state of emergency due to snow is declared in St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota
2010: The Chinese Ministry of Commerce announced foreign direct investment into China has risen for the sixth consecutive month, up $8.3 billion year-on-year
2001: 43rd Grammy Awards, U2, Steely Dan, Macy Gray and Sting win major awards
1998: Cup Noodles Hawaiian Ladies Golf Open
1997: "Empire Strikes Back, special edition," premieres
1997: STS-82 (Discovery 22) lands
1996: Soyuz TM-23, launched into orbit
1995: CFL's Sacramento Gold Miners become San Antonio Texans
1995: RAF-pilot Jo Salter is 1st woman to fly in a tornado