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PS without BS: Showing a popup box and killing it

This is a simple solution for those wanting to show a popup box, but not leave it up indefinitely. This may be useful if you
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PS without BS: Replacing Select Case True

This is a short blog to describe how to replace VBScript's brilliant "Select Case True" with PowerShell.

Instead of evaluating one variable, what happens

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When SQL has no certificate...

Yesterday I posted a blog on how to identify the SQL Certificate used. I had some questions come from this, and the biggest one
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Server Core: Navigating an old but new world

Lately, I've done a lot of posting on Server Core and one thing I've neglected to write on is how you actually navigate in this
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PS without BS: Finding the SQL Cert and trusting it to a remote system

This was an interesting case, and surprisingly didn't really find anything on how to do this out there. But, the problem statement was simple. When
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Diners confront Mitch McConnell at restaurant, get told to ‘leave him alone’ by others
Apple sends invites for Oct. 30 iPad, Mac event
Powerball numbers drawn for $470M jackpot
GOP bails on Colorado incumbent, bets on 'superstar' newcomer in Florida instead
USA Gymnastics' interim president Mary Bono resigns after 4 days
Tech Stocks This Week: Volatility Strikes Again
LeBron James makes Lakers debut, reveals secret ingredient to success: oatmeal
Coal mine accident in eastern China leaves 22 trapped
Eagles look Super in road win vs. Giants
Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr sometimes feels 'patronized' by 'nationalistic' military displays
Army set sights on sophisticated future tanks
Aguilar, Brewers beat Dodgers 7-2, send NLCS to Game 7
Obama visits Coachella just days after tweeting that more people attend music festival than vote
Amid housing crisis, Reno's motor lodges become last resort
Roughly $233G of alleged meth seized by Customs and Border Protection officers, agency says

Today's History

2010: The European Parliament awards Cuban dissident Guillermo Farinas the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought
2010: Union of Myanmar changes its name to Republic of the Union of Myanmar, and changes the design of the national flag
1998: World Series, New York Yankees beat San Diego Padres 4 games to 0
1997: Elton John's tribute to Princess Diana breaks world record, 318 million distributed
1997: Cleveland Marquis Grissom hit in his 15th straight World Series game (streak ends at 15, he is 2nd to Hank Baur with 17)
1995: Addison Vance, 18, of Hickory NC, crowned 7th Ms Venus Swimwear
1995: Mario Tremblay, selected 22nd NHL coach of Montreal Canadians
1994: Hana bridge is Seoul Korea crashes, 32+ die
1994: North Korea signs pact to end their nuclear projects
1993: Gary Kasparov defeats Nigel Short for chess championship