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Bad Storylines: Chavo Gurrero vs. Hornswoggle

I recently embarked on the SLOW series to turn to bad rivalries, but this isn’t even a rivalry. Pretty much anything containing Hornswoggle was a
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SLOW: 1990 - Sting vs. the Black Scorpion

I did a lot of these “SLOW” blogs, known as “Storylines of wrestling”, most intended to highlight some of the more interesting or memorable moments
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Old Gamer VMs: I’m lovin’ it…

For those with some old CDs and games they’d like to play, check this out...

VMWare Fusion and Workstation does offer some great options

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VMWare Fusion and Old Gaming

So, I set out on a little project to create a VM from Windows XP and play some of my old games I had ISOed
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PS without BS: Displaying a popup box and killing it

This is a simple solution for those wanting to show a popup box, but not leave it up indefinitely. This may be useful if you
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Rare December tornadoes reported in central US, killing 1
US-China trade truce to boost markets; wild swings not over
Liberal Democrats in California state Assembly worry moderates could hurt key votes
Funeral held for family found dead at burning mansion
How America can get its slice of the $1 trillion space economy
Children return to school 3 weeks after California wildfire
'El Chapo' trial gives inside look at his rise to power
Fox on games: Marvel gaming crossover
NASA chief tells Elon Musk to stop drinking and smoking pot
Egypt actress says revealing dress wasn't meant to offend
Stormy Daniels: Michael Avenatti and I 'have sorted sh-- out' after fundraiser accounting questions
North Dakota man reportedly admits stealing forklift, planning to flip Trump’s limousine to 'kill' president
George H.W. Bush’s service dog, Sully, is honored: 'Mission complete'
Rare December tornadoes reported in central US; 1 dead
Buffalo Bills player separated from official during heated confrontation after game

Today's History

2010: Sri Lanka's floods maroon over 76,000 people
2010: At auction, John James Audubon's 'Birds of America' sells for a record price of $10.3 million
2009: The United Nations opens its Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen
2004: After popularizing the PC in the '80s, IBM sells its PC business to a Chinese company
1997: Amy Fruhwirth and Clarence Rose win LPGA J C Penney Classic
1996: Space Shuttle STS-80 (Columbia 21), lands
1995: U.S. space probe Galileo begins orbiting Jupiter
1995: NBA settles strike of referees, refs to return on Dec 12
1994: Radio personality Howard Stern talks a man out of attempting suicide
1994: 5th Billboard Music Awards