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TomTom - Funny Name, Serious Hardware

Thursday, November 29, 2007 in Technical Articles (Views: 3331)
The TomTom One XL is one great GPS device. For those who have head their heads stuck in the sand, GPS is a technology that tracks your exact location on planet Earth (don't know if other planets are mapped yet) :) It then calculates a route from where you currently are, to a position you wish to go. One feature common to GPS software is locating local businesses...

Now, why do you need a GPS when you have a good sense of direction already?

1. It saves time - really with a GPS, you don't need to think where you're going. In some cases (and with some optional add-ons), you can actually re-reroute your trip based on where traffic is least.

2. It saves gas - you can select shortest routes, fastest routes, but most importantly it tells you where and when to turn. This also eliminates the annoying "U-Turn" when you miss the turn.

3. It tells you about the conveniences. If you don't know the area well, or want some options of what's close to you, the device has information on everything from fast food (to real restaurants), shopping, gas stations. Optionally with GPRS or a Plus Service connection, you can download the newest updates, and get gas prices in real time, saving you money.

You're probably saying, but what about all the add-ons and extra fees? Sure, there are things you can pay for, but unless you spend your whole life driving (and with the cost of gas I feel sorry for you), the version out of the box works just fine. There is an application called TomTom Home, which will download map updates and addons for free. There are some extra voices you can purchase (probably due to royalties) such as John Kleese of Monty Python fame.

Now, this device isn't perfect. So far, I've found one problem with the device..

I live in an area with 2 exits to the complex. However, the exit that the GPS wants me to take is an emergency exit, and never open. If I try avoiding the road to this exit, for some reason it cannot find the way in or out of the complex.

For the most part, I have found this device to be invaluable, and if you are looking for a true digital assistant, this would be a great tool to have at your disposal.


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