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Simplify, Man!

Saturday, March 01, 2008 in Technical Articles (Views: 4971)
So the other day I had a small tragedy happen to some of my personal technology when both my cell phone and MP3 player wound up underwater. So, I looked around for another cell phone... I had the T-Mobile Wing, which was a great phone, and I really liked it... It did everything I needed, and some things I didn't use.

So, I was off to get a new phone, since the old one definately wouldn't work, and debated a new MP3 player...

So in phone shopping, what features did I use?

* Making calls

* Text messaging (although mobile to mobile covered that)

* Access to e-mail over our mail server

* GPRS Modem

Other than that, really I didn't need much of anything else...

I went from a full blown PocketPC OS to the Smartphone, and the Smartphone does have its limitations... I haven't hacked into the registry or anything else yet, but a lot of functions are missing, some big ones in my opinion that really screw with performance...

(This is so far what I noticed, not a conclusive list)

* Lack of changing the brightness of the backlight (this is huge when it comes to battery life)

* The "Today Screen", whatever you call the main screen isn't very customizable. The "Today Items" are missing.

* The lack of a stylus is nice, but menu navigation becomes a problem. One great thing about the Smartphone though - no touch screen is one less vital component that can break.

* A lot of the better options are missing from things like Outlook Mail, Calendar, etc.

But one thing I will say about the Smartphone, like any cell phone, is get the options you need and want to have.. I don't need all the features of my old phone, but I do need some features.

The point is, why not simplify?

A good SD/SDHC card will solve a lot of problems. Really for my MP3 player, the cell phone does great (and Windows Mobile 6 does support bluetooth stereo).

Of course, I could have bought a 80GB Zune for just under $300.00 - but really that could be no more than a waste of money and it's on a plug that of course, being a Microsoft product, is incompatible with the rest of my cables.

So simplify, take one device - it's much easier and less of a hassle than multiple.

Not bad for popping out a blog in the middle of an airport? :)


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