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WTF: NTBackup and Windows Server 2008

Wednesday, March 19, 2008 in Technical Articles (Views: 5451)

Perhaps WTF should stand for Where's The Feature?

Some old habits are hard to break. One of the utilities I've taken for granted over the years NO LONGER in Windows Server 2008 is NTBackup. For those who need it badly enough, Microsoft has a tool that will read the older "legacy" NTBackup files on 2008 but will not create or run new backup jobs (the bastards).

NTBackup did get a much needed overhaul in Windows Backup. And, Windows Backup has one very nice new feature - the full system image backup. Of course, you would in a technical sense had to have had your head stuck in the sand not to have heard about Ghost. Your traditional backup jobs are gone. You can do full volumes (such as the boot volume) but not individual files and directories.

Your jobs can still run from the command line, but again, no individual folders, just volumes.

This leads me to one of two options. Either run something like WinZip from the command line and encrypt my backups to another medium (I've always used online disk based with an occasional offline backup) or find a commercial product like Backup Exec (on a home user's budget, yeah, right)... So, talk about old school - backups using WinZip...

Microsoft has moved forward in technology by putting my backups into the stone age... :)


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