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How to Drive Down Gas Prices

Tuesday, March 25, 2008 in Technical Articles (Views: 2602)
I've seen about every moronic "how to drive down gas price e-mails" and how there is a huge conspiracy with oil companies. As much as I believe gas companies have been taking advantage of a bad situation, here is a way to drive down gas prices, but it will do something Americans aren't used to doing, showing self-restraint.

First of all, don't forward this blog off to 200 people, and if those 200 forward it, you get the idea. Just take the concept around, and live it. If you want to point the blog out to someone else, go for it, but forwarding this blog isn't key. :)

So let's go over how the plan works in 5 simple points:

1. Don't drive around unless you absolutely have to.
2. Consolidate your trips and carpool when you can.
3. Don't shop at convenience stores, leave the items on the inside and avoid walking in.
4. Stay home more and work on improving your house, or take up a new hobby.
5. Don't eat out (also good for those who want to lose weight)

This simply amounts to one thing - if you drive around less and/or carpool, you spend less. If you don't eat out, you spend less and restaurants lose money on both your business and food that grows old. If you don't shop at convenience stores, again they lose money on both your business and on food that grows old.

The central theme? When you start hurting local business, they start getting involved. They will do a study as to why they don't have customers coming in, and when they find out the cost of gas caused people to not spend their money with them, they will go after the oil companies.

So save your money and hurt the local economy. If there is one thing we have learned, business will always scratch the back of other business. We as consumers can do nothing, since we have to buy gas. But get the big companies fighting with each others, and the price of gas will go down.


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