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Vista and the Install Process, Good One

Wednesday, April 23, 2008 in Technical Articles (Views: 2874)
Windows Vista - for all of the things people see wrong with it, there is one good thing I do see about it.

When I bought my new laptop, of course it came underpowered with things nobody wanted to buy, especially the OS. So, I went to load Vista Ultimate on it. Of course, the OS that was installed was Vista Home Premium, and that doesn't do a few things.

First, it is a 32 bit OS, which is only capable of seeing and using 3 of the 4GB of memory I have in the system. The 64 bit OS would be a better choice as it does support not only 4GB of RAM, but the 64 bit processor I was sold.

Second, why would you sell a computer that doesn't even have software designed to take advantage of the processor, or even the other hardware like RAM that you can install into it? Most buyers have no clue.

The 32 bit OS has no upgrade path to the 64 bit OS. So, I had to install a clean copy. No problem here, since really the OS hasn't had anything done to it as of yet and the rescue disks are made. That's another sore spot - where a company won't invest 80 cents in giving you a set of recovery disks. And of course, why should they? They can make more selling them to people who don't make backups of their system first thing out of the box (like it's the first thing on anyone's mind).

So I put in my Vista 64 bit Ultimate DVD, and started the new install process. The nice thing about this is that if you do a new install, your old Windows, Documents and Settings, and Program Files directory get thrown into a folder called windows.old. Of course, the old folder is only there for reference, it's no longer bootable.

So, I start the new install, and everything looks like it is working well UNTIL I find a defective DVD. Now I am thinking, great... I have no bootable copy of Windows at all, and Home Premium would be nice at this point. To my surprise, the install rolled back, put the old Windows folders back in place, and allowed me to restart back to Home Premium. I will need to try another DVD.. :)

For once, it's a case of Microsoft actually thinking ahead and taking actions based on problems in the install, and knowing how to recover. Previous versions would have left you with an unstable copy of Windows, and not even a "Good luck" message to go with it.

So, I give you credit for this one Microsoft..


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