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Windows Server 2008 and IIS 7

Friday, May 02, 2008 in Technical Articles (Views: 4405)
One simple truth about Windows - whether it's a server or desktop OS. Just learn to expect the unexpected.

I am working on Sharepoint, and leveraging it with IIS and Exchange on the same system. I've done this before, but not with the Windows Server 2008/IIS/Sharepoint 2007/Exchange 2007 combination - with all older things. Anyway, for those who are trying to remove IIS7 in an "old school fashion", here's some tips for you...

* You can remove the IIS role

* If you decide to completely wipe the inetpub directory, you can, but it will cost you... The reinstall of IIS will fail...

If you get an error reinstalling IIS, do the following

* Go to Server Manager

* Under Features, remove (uncheck, whatever) WAS, standing for Windows Process Activation Service

* Do the necessary reboot

* Reload IIS

* As a side note, WAS will reload for you automatically as a dependency of IIS...

Hope nobody else had to put up with this annoyance...


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