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Good Samaritans

Monday, June 09, 2008 in My Opinions and Rantings (Views: 4870)
What in the hell has happened to decent people?

Hartford, CT: A man is run over by a hit and run driver. I don't need to spell out what's wrong with plowing over someone and leaving them for dead. Let's not forget the case of the tanked out nurse that plowed over a guy and left him to die in her windshield as she parked her car in the garage and walked away, unaware that he was even there.

Then, people just looked at the guy, and I can understand some shock, but nobody went out to help this older man that was run over. One person called 911, the tape was released, and it sounded like the 911 operator was giving him the runaround. What exactly wasn't an emergency about someone bleeding to death in the middle of the road? Is this 911's way of legally protecting itself, by asking if anyone saw him run him over, and the make and model of car that hit him?

Which was more important? The driver that hit the man, or the victim?

So, what has become of the human condition?


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