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"Vote for the Opposite" Campaign

Saturday, June 14, 2008 in My Opinions and Rantings (Views: 4318)
This is sort of a "no brainer" to a lot of people, but we are being faced with a crisis in this country from within, called corrpution.

Are all politicians corrupt? Maybe not, but the vast majority are at one level or another.

I look at the House of Representatives and the Senate. I see earmarks, pork, and just underhanded dealings. I see a group of people who are more in tune from promoting their own interests rather than those who put them there, the voter.

So, if we are all so tired of the whole idea of corruption in the government, why do we keep voting in those who are just going to keep doing the same thing?

My proposal? Vote them all out.

Look at the House and Senate candidates for your state, and whoever is in office, vote for the opposite candidate. This isn't a Republican thing, or a Democrat thing, this is an American thing. By this measure, we can essentially remove all the "old blood" and start over.

Of course, no guarantee the new class won't be corrupt as well, but certainly it would make more sense to have new lawmakers, everyone on an even level. What about term limits for the House and Senate?

Perhaps this way we can get people in office who will be able to get past the special interests for now, people who can do things like drill for oil off our own shores where other countries have invited themselves...

There is probably some truth to knowing that people like Nancy Pelosi and Ted Kennedy won't experience unemployment or financial worries like the rest of us real Americans have...

This blog may have been all over the place, but it is just my random thoughts about what one ordinary taxpayer and voter can do.


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