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XBox 360: CSI: Hard Evidence

Wednesday, June 25, 2008 in Games (Views: 2910)
It's amazing the things you can find on the clearance racks, but for about $12 I found CSI for the XBox 360.

This game is quite something, you start on a case, and it sucks you in. In this game, you start with a cab driver that was burned to death. You, of course, need to sift through all of the clues, find suspects, match DNA and other samples, to eventually find your killer.

In the case, I was only presented 3 suspects, any of which could have been the killer, it was that close. They all had motive, and they could all be placed within the scene of the murder.

What I really liked about this game, is that the first case took about 4 hours to solve, taking my time, doing laundry, and whatever else in life needed to be done. When I was finished, I was surprised to find this is only the first of 5 cases.

The second case, which I am still working on, is about a woman who was stabbed multiple times and lived. You couldn't be sure she would have pulled through by looking at the crime scene. :)

Some good things about this game:

Good Tutorial

To learn the game, you'll be investigating the captain's missing donut, and get an officer to crack why he took it.


If you get stuck, they will be more than willing to tell you what you need to do. However, it will cost you at the end when you're reviewed. Honestly, if you've watched enough of these shows on TV, you don't need help. Just be diligent and you'll come up with everything you need.

Thouroughness Points

You'll find a lot of items that don't matter in the case, but having a good eye will help you acheive these points.

Insect Collecting

This goes along with thouroughness points. The captain is quite a bug collector, and finding these insects will help you in your rating and impress the captain.

Overall, it's a game that will have you thinking, and so far, has been a lot of fun. If you see it on the clearance rack and you like these sort of games, I'd say go for it. :)


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