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Fire the manager?

Friday, April 6, 2007 in My Opinions and Rantings (Views: 3027)
Some people think it's insane in the sports world if a team isn't doing well to simply "fire the manager" (no matter the competence level), but maybe we should look at this model more closely. In business, we have all seen our share of managers who you wonder how they got into their positions, while others earn your respect.

One of the biggest problems to management is that it is really hard to completely judge a manager's job performance. You can ask yourself "Did this manager acheive all of our goals this year?", and even if the answer is yes, it doesn't mean the manager performed well. In my career, I've seen many good managers who had bad teams to work with. I've also seen bad managers who thrive, despite what their teams were capable of.

When people drop like flies around you, it may say something big. One, it could mean that your company just isn't worth the effort of coming in for everyday. Two, it probably means that the person who left doesn't want to work for you. I would side more with the second option in general - many people could stand working for a bad company long before a bad manager. Keep one thing in mind - if you're a manager (aka a leader), and people do not want to work for you, consider yourself a failure as a leader.

So, what are you to do if you're the one working for that bad manager and see people dropping like flies around you? What if you had to work with that manager, and realize how sorry you feel for their employees? Sometimes the answers aren't easy - especially when you think thoughts such as "Why should I leave, I'm not the one who sucks".

My only comfort to you (if you are indeed one of those suffering from a lack of good management) is in a thing some refer to as karma, the "Law of Averages", or as I like to refer to it as good old fashioned "Almighty God's sense of justice". This very simple rule is "what goes around, comes around". You can take comfort in facing your Maker that you won't be the one answering questions on what you did on how you treated those while they were under your control. That is truly one ass-kicking nobody wants to be part of.

My advice to you (if you are one of those managers) is think of the consequences of your actions before you actually do them. Indeed, you are being paid to do this anyway as a manager, so this should come naturally to you. These are people's lives you are playing with, and remember the rule of "what goes around, comes around". Think of this article as a visit from the "ghost of Christmas future" (so to speak) in how you may be living highly now, but either in this life or the one to come you will be held to account for what you do.

In conclusion, live your life (and your career life) to its fullest, and enjoy it. Take comfort in knowing everything will work out fine if you keep your integrity and hold your ground. Don't sacrifice your standards or morals for anything.


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