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Pro Wrestling

TNA Impact - The Video Game

Monday, September 15, 2008 in Games (Views: 5340)
It has been a long time since a videogame has come out that was not based on Vince McMahon's WWE circus, and TNA did it.

I went on, and left this review:

Pros: It is the first non-WWE wrestling game in a long time

Cons: The promos are misleading - the game isn't as good as it looks

"I bought this game in great anticipation, only to find that the promos were pretty much the whole game.

TNA Impact is a first generation game, and needs a lot of work. The create a wrestler mode is very limited and doesn't give you many options at all.

The gameplay itself is very repetitive, once you've had one match, you've pretty much had them all. The matches seem to change little in story mode, and you may go from single to tag team, but you will find quickly that the gameplay gets old.

Some of the features also need work, for example, you can be dominating a match, the computer player hits you with a finisher, and you're done. The "kickout" system needs a lot of work.

This doesn't affect me much, but if you are looking for the TNA knockouts, they are not in this game.

I give TNA credit for trying, but from a long time wrestling fan and player of wrestling video games, don't waste your money."
This pretty much sums it up, but it's not all bad...

Let's go back a ways on this one - let's look back on all the wrestling videogames that have come out. Did this one introduce anything new?

The story mode:

This was interesting, so the storyline is simple. A wrestler who once dominated the business, winds up being beaten unconscious and beyond recognition. So, your job is to give him a new identity and a new start.

You start in Mexico, then work your way up. Sounds pretty special from here, huh?

It is different from the WWE games as you have to work your way from being someone new and under the spotlight to someone literally working their way up through the ranks as a scrub to eventually getting involved in the upper card matches. If you think this is your typical WWE "win 4 matches and I'll give you a title shot", you are dead wrong. It takes quite a while to get anywhere, and once you do, you will be teamed up with Eric Young, and if you're good, will win the tag team belts.

One thing about the story mode I do not like - unlike WWE games, if you lose, your career can take a different course. In TNA, you keep wrestling until you win the match.

Once you win the tag belts, your teammate is assaulted and you give them up, so you never actually see the titles or defend them.

One good part of story mode is that you can rack up acheivements fairly quickly, although not for many points. It's still nice to see them go off from time to time.

The X-Division

This is a unique match in Professional Wrestling, where an "X" is lifted above the ring, similar to a ladder match. Except in this match, you don't use ladders, there are cables that resemble an "X" above the ring. You must climb those cables and once you reach the "X", you play a minigame to pull it down. It's not so easy the closer you get to winning.

Outside of this match (and inside of it), the gameplay is esentially the same.

In Conclusion

This game did a great job of marketing. The truth is if you collect video games, this may be a one of a kind. Midway isn't known for wrestling, THQ is (WWE Games). But, for a first shot, they spent too much time on promo graphics and too little time on the actual gameplay and its depth.

If you want to waste your brain on a game, TNA Impact is a good candidate. This makes it worth buying when it hits clearance, but probably not before. If you see it drop below $30.00, get it then, it's worth a few hours of fun and if you can vegetate through the story mode, will get your money's worth.


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