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XBox 360: NFL Blitz

Monday, September 15, 2008 in Games (Views: 2819)
NFL Blitz for the XBox 360 has gotten a lot of mixed reviews, many poor.

Here are the finer points of the game

* It is not based on the NFL, EA has full rights to it (Bill Romanowski and Lawrence Taylor headline the game)

* It is not about football strategy, it has more an arcade feel to it.

* It has few (if any) of the rules of professional football

* A first down is 30 yards, not 10

* The game is more about stunts and tricks than anything else

This game is NOT suitable for children

This being said, the game is about hurting people, making showboat plays, and well, outright playing dirty. It's rewarded, like in hockey.

The game is pretty one dimensional, has a lot of foul language, but all in all, when you see it in the $20 bin, buy it, it's worth it. I hear there is a second version coming out, but the first is fun, at least in my opinion. It's not serious football, but it is intense...

You will find yourself going through a campaign, with the idea of knocking your opponents out of the game and inflicting injuries. The training module is pretty decent too, it shows you how to play.

The game needs some work, such as the kicking system and how the hitting system works, but overall, fun to rot your brain on the couch with.


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