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Liberal Media Backfires Again

Saturday, September 20, 2008 in My Opinions and Rantings (Views: 3669)
Well, if there is one thing the liberal media does well, it's backfire on itself.

As I watch the political coverage on channels like MSNBC, I see nothing but a smear campaign going on for the Republican party. This isn't news, reporting, or really anything related to it. The good news for the Republicans here is that MSNBC's ratings are pretty much indicitive of how much they suck, and there's a reason people aren't watching.

But it seems to me that when Palin was first announced as a VP nominee, I didn't think that she would sway many votes either way. But, the liberal media has decided to try to smear her. For fun, I do turn my attention to MSNBC, and every time I see that channel, they are slamming the Republican party. I don't even need to wait for it to come to that, it's just always right there - the first thing being covered.

Obama is a very intelligent, yet very dishonest man. He definately won't say anything bad about Palin directly, he'll let the media and his wife do his fighting for him. Just what I want in a President - someone who cowers behind his wife and grandmother when times get tough. His wife is quoted on TV slamming Palin for being "cute". Amazing how all of the sudden the nomination for the Executive Office turns to race, and looks.

The more negative attacking that goes on, the more I think people are looking at Palin, and McCain. This actually has backfired on the Democrats for a number of reasons:

1. People are looking at Palin, and listening to what she has to say

The more publicity she gets, the more people are seeing her. Maybe the American voter is starting to wake up finally and research their candidates?

2. Obama has lost his "Rockstar" status, and hates Palin for it.

Let's be honest here. Obama pretty much ran his campaign on smoke and mirrors. He had nothing of substance to go on, no real record of accomplishment, and was using nothing but popularity and the spotlight.

3. Obama now has to actually campaign

Adding to point 2, Obama now has to attack McCain based on policy and issues. The only spotlight he has on him now is an interrogation lamp.

4. This proves McCain is a leader, a change agent, and innovator

Very few people actually gave McCain a chance when it was time for him to go up against Obama. Why should they have? It was a popularity contest, and many thought whoever won the Democrat ticket would be President, just like the days when the NFC won the Super Bowl every year. The NFC Championship was the Super Bowl for many years to people.

McCain took a nearly impossible situation, and put himself in a position to win. He found the right people, and pulled into a position where frankly it would surprise me if he didn't win.


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