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Wednesday, September 24, 2008 in My Opinions and Rantings (Views: 3954)
So let me see if we can do some simple math. Say, we have a small number like 700 billion. We divide this number by another small number, like 200 million. What does that leave us with?

Answer: 3,500

Simple math, and rough estimates. But, say taxpayers paid the bill for stupidity in the business sector, and we do so equally, we would lose approximately $3,500.00 each, or about $300.00 a month.

What will $300.00 a month buy you?

For us, it pays the phone bill, cable TV, internet, cell phones, water/sewer, and enough left over to even eat out at a nice place (well, not exactly 5 star, but a decent sit down).

The point is that Washington DC is toying with 700 billion dollars. Allow me to put this in a numerical format:


Has anyone lost that kind of change in their laundry? This isn't about keeping the country stable and keeping people in their homes. This is yet another attempt to reward the incompetent, the greedy, and the outright crooked in our business society. By the way, wasn't that Bush's pulpit, to bring integrity to business when he took office 8 years ago? And people thought I was crazy for calling him a hypocrite.

This attempt has gone too far. If it passes, I will want some people's heads in Washington, or better yet, independence from the dictatorship of the United States Government. This would be the second American revolution, as history repeats itself.

Let the businesses burn, they were greedy, they did things that were wrong, and they deserve no mercy.

Let us also not forget that they took a lot of small businesses out with them to become fewer giant screw up companies. Tell the American people what the American dream of small business is about, Uncle Sam.

The home mortgage lenders went into risky deals, they loaned money knowing that people couldn't repay, but they made their commissions - where are they now? They are asking for yet another federal handout. These are loans made to people who were unemployed, no verifyable source of income. Sure, can't see $200,000 for a house being a problem. What about the school teacher who makes $25,000 a year getting into a $200,000 house? Sure, again, no problem. What about the family who makes $80,000 a year buying a house that is just out of reach because all their credit cards are maxed out? Sounds like these are too unbelievable of scenarios? Think again.

I refuse to pay for anyone else's greed and corruption. They made the crooked deals, let them pay for it. Let those who made the risky loans sleep in the bed they made for themselves.

So what if the government does give this massive bailout?

Well, some are saying the companies should pay the taxpayers back.

Hello? What money?

These companies made a decision to loan to people that can't pay - so how are we going to recover the massive debt we are getting into?

My plan is this if the government goes through with this assenine plan. I say we start a second revolution. I will petition and work diligently to see my state seceed from the United States (it's happened before). It would be my duty as a productive citizen of planet Earth to overthrow the corrupted government, as it should be everyone's. We will just show the American spirit to a corrupt dictator, called the President.

Stalin, Hitler, Lincoln, Bush - they're all dictators. Some killed people's bodies, some killed spirits, but they all either killed or put their countries on life support. Some gave a phony smoke screen of their religion and faith in God, some were fruity enough to believe they were God (or above Him).

So thanks for everything, for your corruption, US Government.


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