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Time to save some money on XBox 360 games

Monday, November 03, 2008 in Technical Articles (Views: 3314)
The XBox 360 has been out for a while, and with this, comes discounts on games. Last week, I was at Fry's and picked up a lot of games for about $10 each.

They aren't the greatest and newest of the games, but someday even Madden 2009 will wind up on the clearance rack.

So, right now if you're looking for deals on some fun games, now's a great time to be a gamer. Also, some of those first generation games like RockBand are on sale, since RockBand 2 is out. Another great example is the EA Sports 2008 series, where I've seen them as low as $14.99. Also, don't forget the online outlets.

Some good places to buy online would be eBay or Amazon. Some stores like GameStop are good if you don't mind some bargain shopping. Also, if you find a bunch of games used with the same title, you may be able to negotiate a better price.

My last Fry's trip involved the following games:

For less than $10: NFL Tour, Condemned (looking forward to this one), College Hoops 2K8, All Pro Football 2K8

For about $15: Civil War, A nation devided.

So, 5 games for about $55, less than one new game.

Also, don't forget XBox Live Arcade, where there are a lot of pretty fun games (some are pure crap) for about $4.00 each. Make sure you download the trial versions first. One suggestion I have is a remake of 1942.


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