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Good cheap entertainment - video games

Tuesday, December 09, 2008 in Technical Articles (Views: 4906)
So, I don't think there aren't many people who won't agree that the economy sucks. So, here's some good news about some cheap entertainment. Re-enter video games again, shall we?

The other night I was on Amazon and found 3 video games:


* CSI Dark Motives

* CSI Miami

Combined, these games were about $5, or less than $2 each, and I've been enjoying them. Are they the newest and hottest games? Of course not. They are still fun to play, and hit up my detective side.

So far, I started with CSI Miami. The game tells a good story, and you can play it on several different modes. Of course, easy is pretty much if you want the story and not much of a challenge.

If you are looking to play detective for real, I suggest hard. It makes you think, and doesn't ask all the questions for you. Medium is of course, somewhere inbetween. What I like about hard mode is that you have to think about the questions you're asking and if you ask the wrong ones, you run the risk of pissing someone off, which leads to not getting the info you need to solve the case.

Of course, maybe CSI isn't your thing. But you can find some good used game deals out there - even though it may cost more to ship than actually buy.. :)


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