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MCITP: Enterprise is Conquered

Saturday, January 31, 2009 in Technical Articles (Views: 5935)
So, it seems like I've been a bit laxed at my blogging lately. Things have been pretty busy, with tests to take, and working on a promotion at work. So, let's get onto the news.

Last week, I was successful at passing exam 70-649, which finally finishes the requirement for MCITP, Enterprise Admin. This is the much longer way of saying MCSE, which was retired at the Windows Server 2003 level.

The test was a little bit brutal, in that it is a combination of 3 tests in one. However, it was not exactly a long test, but you have to be prepared for about anything (and there weren't many questions on the test). Each of the 3 sections needed to be passed individually for the test to be passed as a whole. This being said, my networking skills being the weakest in the exam, was thinking I had to take the 3 tests individually later, focusing solely on networking for one exam (nervous time)... :)

This being said, I am thinking of mopping up the rest of the ITP certs by taking the 646 (Server Admin) and 648 (MCSA Upgrade) cold next week, and seeing how things go.

After that, probably another testing break, but not stopping the concept of learning. Will be working more and more with the managability products in System Center in working towards the promotion...


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