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Political Athiest

Saturday, February 14, 2009 in My Opinions and Rantings (Views: 3493)
So for most of you that know me, knew my needle mostly falls on the Republican side. Cutting to the chase, I've been wrong all these years. Now before you Democrats start jumping for joy, you're full of it as well.

I am forming my own party - called Political Athiesm. What is a Political Athiest? It is someone who does not believe the government we have is capable of doing anything productive. It has nothing to do with political parties or affiliations.

Why this switch? After the last "pork filled" stimulus plan (my next blog), I pretty much have come to the conclusion that this government is out of control. States are coming close to acting out on states rights. So far, the Congress as spent more money in the last month than any of us can fathom, and none of this is going to do us any good. This bill is not a Democrat problem, but also a Republican problem. They both voted for this bill to pass, and hypocracy lives on both sides of the aisle.

Another example? Let's try illegal immigration. This is a topic that neither Obama or McCain, or any other candidate wanted to touch in the election. Why? Because both parties want immigrants to flow in (sometimes for different reasons). McCain talked a good game, but really it was a topic he wanted to shove under the rug. Neither side is interested in protecting our homeland, just adding a bigger government to do it with.

So that's my new party - Political Athiest. If you'd like to join up and become one, no registration forms are necessary.


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