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New NetBook

Monday, August 31, 2009 in Technical Articles (Views: 4460)
So, on this last trip to Texas, I bought a Netbook, and am actually typing this blog on it.

We were at Costco, and had a coupon, so the winner was the Acer Netbook Aspire D250 - with

the $50 off of the entire bundle, it was $379. What you get is a...

- Netbook with an Atom 1.6GHz processor

- 160 GB HDD


- Built in Wireless G, Ethernet

- 3 USB Ports

- SD Card reader

Really, for very basic tasks, it's a good little machine. I also went to Fry's later inthe weekend and bought a 500GB SATA Hard Drive, a Bluetooth Adapter/Receiver, and a 2GB Memory chip for about $160. The good news is that the 1GB that came with the Netbook went into my girlfriend's Dell laptop, so no real wasted money there. With the new hardware, it does run very well.

Windows 7 loaded nicely on both the old and new hardware. It does, of course, run better with 2GB of RAM, but found all the hardware from setup with no additional drivers required.

I will blog a little later on its capabilities, as I do plan on stretching it a bit and seeing what it is capable of...


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