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Barack Hussein Obama and The Republicans

Friday, September 4, 2009 in My Opinions and Rantings (Views: 1825)
So, I've been pretty good lately about keeping my nose from the political blogs. I've been kind of letting things take their own course... So many things have been happening, that not only is my faith in the system we have changing, but I think America as a whole is changing. This isn't the country I served, or grew up in, or want my kids to experience.

It used to be that I was an Independent, or as I called myself, an American, with my needle generally falling on the Republican side of things. I saw most Democrats as radicals, and for the most part, the radical Republicans didn't seem as bad, but they were.

I have all sorts of problems with what Brack Hussein Obama has done. I didn't vote for this lying jackass, and I'm sure a lot of people that did vote for him wished they could take it back. I had problems with Bush, and I worked for him. So, let me equally bash both sides here, and explain why both Democrats and Republicans for the most part can fall into the pit of hell where they belong.

So, first Bush and the Republicans:

- I have a problem with a guy who preaches how we should defend out country, yet kept the borders unprotected, we even have the technology to stop them and choose not to use it.

- The same guy (accused "Oil Man") said nothing while the price of gas was skyrocketing, and then make a few token gestures towards conservation.

- He preached on Corporate Integrity, yet the housing bust and mortgage crisis happened on his watch.

Democrats and Republicans alike can share these:

- They voted on a 787 BILLION dollar bailout - the vote was 75% for and 25% against. Sounded like some Republicans sold us out.

- They are signing bills without taking the time to read or understand them. They claim they "just don't have the time", as though they are in a hurry to screw up this country and spend it into oblivion.

So, for Barack Hussein Obama...

- Change we can believe in. Did I call it before he was elected? Well, he promised change, and we got it. He is trying to change the entire country into a socialist one. He is trying to make the country dependent on the government, and like Hitler, is throwing out free money to the poor to back him.

- He wanted to change the way we look at race in this country, and he has to me. He convinced me that a black radical racist like himself is no better than a white radical racist, but he made it clear that both groups exist.

- He is surrounding himself with activists, and black racists, like Van Jones. I suppose being white makes me guilty for other people's actions. I'm not a racist, and happen to have close friends who are black. Ironically enough, I really don't think of them as black, or at least didn't until I wrote this blog.

- People are being appointed to take over the country. No approval by Congress, no accountability to anyone, yet absolute authority.

- Barack Hussein Obama also believes that he doesn't owe anyone any answers. The Government has always been quick to protect itself and heal its own wounds. All that has to happen is remove one black racist radical like Van Jones, and put 4 or 5 more like him in his place, just make them a little quieter.

Yeah, change I can believe in. I know one change I will believe in - in 2010, I am voting everyone I can OUT of office, and replacing them with someone else. If there is a United States in 2012, I can almost guarantee Barack Hussein Obama will not be community organizing as the president any longer. I know the word president should be capatalized, but until a man I can respect is in the office, which hasn't happened in a long time, I won't respect the office. It is corrupted.

It's not about Democrats vs. Republicans anymore. I have Democrat friends who look at me asking what the hell happened to our country. They voted for the lines Barack Hussein Obama were throwing at them, but not for what he actually gave them. Americans are being united in the fact that all this radical stuff has to stop. We are in an economic crisis and spending money like it has no limits. Anyone remember the movie Brewster's Millions? Starting to see a parallel in the way money is being spent here.

I guess speaking out against Barack Hussein Obama makes me a racist, makes me "astroturf" and a lot of other "names". If asking questions and demanding answers from public servants like Barack Hussein Obama makes me those things, then so be it. I'm a racist, I'm astroturf, I'll be pavement if it helps our country get back on track.


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