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Thumbs up for Netbook

Tuesday, September 08, 2009 in Technical Articles (Views: 3534)
So, this Netbook has been an interesting story so far. It did go with us to a wonderful week in Savannah, and now it's time to stretch its legs a bit. So, what's next for this box?

I've successfully loaded Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2008 Developer on it, using Windows 7 Ultimate. So far, so good. It's worked fine, and did what I needed with my databases. It did load IIS nicely as well. As for speed? It's low end, so no actual large database will really be practical here.

So far, I tried loading a game, which would not allow itself to run. It appears this Mobile Intel 945 doesn't offer the exact acceleration support Acer is looking for in the video card. I did load a bunch of ISO's - CSI games, etc. We will see how these stack up as well.

I was able to load CSI, Dark Motives on it. It did okay, but there were a few times I was sure the processor wasn't keeping up. This isn't a horribly intense game either in the sense of processing or graphics. The video, did, once it played, keep up.

Had some time working on SQL, and a few local databases. It seemed like it kept up okay. Visual Studio also ran somewhat okay as well. Let's just say you want to spend more time in the development environment than actually compiling. :)

Overall, for its size, it was a decent buy. It's small, and can do pretty much everything you want it to do within reason. But, one of its best features that people don't give it enough credit for is that it's small and annoying enough that you don't want to use it as much as a regular laptop or desktop, giving you some time back in life. Thumbs up from me.


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