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Showing my love for technical recruiters

Wednesday, September 16, 2009 in Technical Articles (Views: 3203)
Every so often, my ill feelings towards tech recruiters are brought to the forefront. Really, it seems that most technical recruiters can be replaced by spam bots, or web pages. I'm not sure exactly if they are nothing more than a blind squirrel in search of a nut, or if they are just as stupid and incompetent as they seem, or if they are desperate.

Of course, with every rule there are exceptions. There are some good recruiters out there, that really care about finding positions that fit people. They care about people, and can talk the talk along with walk the walk.

It is just amazing to me how someone can be impressed by your resume, see you have a stable full time job, and then offer you a 6 week contract. Hmmm, let's examine the proposition. I give up my full time job, my stability, and good pay, for something that is not a sure thing, and really can end as fast as it starts.

Of course, companies looking for people are taking advantage of a bad situation, and to some degree, you can blame them for it. There may be no shortage of IT people out there on the market, but there is still a shortage of good IT people.

But, my experiences from these companies from either first hand or friends are pretty much the following:

- Temp to hire: Usually it's a carrot that is pulled out. There is no hire, just temp

- Long term contract: Usually this means that if you finish a one year commitment in 3 weeks, you've been paid for 3 weeks, and it wasn't really nice knowing you, it's just business.

- Contract: Pretty much you start and end as road kill. If you don't make it, or if you are killed in action, they'll roll another body into the position.

With the amount of good IT people out there, and with tools being more sophisticated, you would think that recruiters could make a more accurate search. I've been offered short term contract positions in Ohio, Florida, and Arizona, all in the same day. Obviously someone who isn't smart enough to do a database query isn't smart enough to place me.

Technical recruiters work on a simple formula, taken from the used car dealer. Body + Position = Match. Used cars are Customer + Car = Sale. I can understand companies being leary of working with them. I would be in that really there is nothing technical about their jobs, they couldn't tell you if a candidate was blowing smoke.

Just blowing off steam, and hopefully a few tech recruiters read my blogs and think twice about contacting me about a 4 week contract when I have a stable job.


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