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From 33,000 Feet

Tuesday, December 01, 2009 in Technical Articles (Views: 4315)
Have to say that we have finally evolved - my first blog from the air...

Thanks to the wonderful people at eBay, I was able to surf for free while on a plane for the first time. This wasn't my first time trying, however. One other time, I attempted to get online, and was unsuccessful (on a try it for free, then we'll charge you model)...

What surprised me most about this promotion is that, of all things, eBay paid for the free access. Secondly, they didn't ask for any registration information - just a click here, and a simple trip to, then never saw another thing from them.

The speed for the most part, was excellent. I was actually surprised that it was so good - it was close to a home broadband speed. It did slow down late in the flight, with my guess being someone was downloading a large file. But, for the most part, browsing was quite nice and acceptable.

So, for my first experience, I give GoGo In-Flight Internet a high mark, and why not? They deserve it.


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