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Wells Hell

Friday, December 18, 2009 in My Opinions and Rantings (Views: 2174)
This morning, I wake up, log in to online banking, only to see Wells Fargo has dropped one of my credit lines, after it has been paid off for a couple of months.

Do understand that the bottom line here is simple - I want to burn Wells Fargo and any of its holdings at the stake. This is how Wells Fargo employees are trained to work with customers...

- First call, I reached someone who looked at my account, put me on hold for 10 minutes, then disconnected the call.

- Second call, "Jeff" decided to attempt helping me, and his answer to solving my issue was applying for a different loan. When I asked for a manager, he transferred me to the main customer service line.

- Third call, "Cathy the Manager" pretty much defended Wells Fargo's position, while telling me that I am valued as a customer. The following questions, "Cathy" could not answer...

* If you value me, and provide value (as you say), then how is reducing my credit limit of any value to me?

* When I was told by "Cathy" that Wells Fargo offered a variety of options for opening a new account, I asked what was wrong with the account I had. I liked it, and it served my needs. I was told they couldn't "fix it"

* I was then told this wasn't personal. So I asked what isn't personal about telling me that I am valued as a customer. this this not personal, or just crap spewed out because the business makes them say it, and they really don't mean it?

* I asked repeatedly, based on the above questions and more, what of her words and actions were consistent.

- I asked "Cathy" to transfer me to her manager, who then said that she would do so, of course not before the standard "everyone up to and including the CEO will tell you this" disclaimer. I told her to transfer me, and let them tell me themselves.

- Of course, managers, like call center reps, are trained to drop a caller that isn't agreeing with their company mandated scripts. So, upon transferring me to her "manager", she stayed on the line during the ring and asked me to leave a voicemail.

- The voicemail box for her manager, was 0000. Hmmm, wonder if that was just some generic drop off that went bad?

Needless to say, it may take a while to settle things with Wells Fargo, but I will give them a chance to fix the issue that they have created for themselves. It is obvious to me:

- Wells Fargo is like most big businesses. They care about their bottom line, and really anything to do with customer service is complete lip service, also known as crap.

- Wells Fargo kept my accounts open and didn't mind keeping the available credit low, so that I would be paying tons of interest. Once I paid off these loans, however, and they aren't making thousands every year, I was of no use to them.

- Wells Fargo doesn't value me or my business. They've proven that if they need money, they'll just stick their hand out to the federal government, meaning I will be ironically funding their stupidity and lousy service as a taxpayer. They probably will feel above answering to the money they receive from the government, most likely that if it's too big to fail, it's also too big to answer to the government.

I hope the entire world gets this story. Really, I don't want the credit, because it's only going to mean that I can only wind up owing them more money by using it. But, it also helps my credit rating keeping my accounts open, even if I don't use them. I'm sure that they'll be back to collect their annual fee... :)


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