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There's an app for that...

Monday, January 11, 2010 in Technical Articles (Views: 1897)
So, I got a new toy, the iPhone. As a developer, I looked into some options on how I could be a developer and write my own apps.

Apple has a nice platform to develop on and you can download their SDK for $99 or $299 depending if you're out to write free apps (or apps that will go into the Apple Store), or custom apps for enterprise. I may have to go the $299 route.

One SMALL problem with this... The development platform is only supported on Mac OSX Leopard, so for those of us running Windows, we are out of luck at this point, it seems. I am guessing that a Leopard VM on Windows at this point is out of the question (the whole unsupported hardware thing), so maybe if I become so inclined (or hell bent) to write iPhone apps, I may have to switch to a Mac.

Stay tuned for updates on this venture - could be an interesting ride... :)


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