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Some useful iPhone apps I found...

Tuesday, February 02, 2010 in Technical Articles (Views: 2658)
Now that I've been using the iPhone a while, I wanted to share some very good apps that I've found useful and enjoyable. I have to say that overall, the quality of apps for the iPhone are very good, but that isn't a reflection of the phone or OS entirely, but there's a lot of developers who wrote code for the phone that just finished their first "Hello World" app... So, there's garbage for any phone...

Note: Some take pride in never paying for an app for the phone, but I am one who doesn't mind contributing towards giving a developer some incentive to keeping up their good work. Plus, it helped to be a shareware developer, I feel their pain.

Some great apps:

MotionX GPS: This app is great. For 99 cents, you can get turn by turn directions with GPS. It's not a mature app yet, but is off to a great start. You can search for things near you, it's not annoying, and so far has been very accurate (more than Garmin and TomTom apps). Definately beats the Sprint GPS app for Windows Mobile, as we dubbed her "annoying lady"..

Dragon Search: This tool will allow you to speak into the phone and perform a search on Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, Twitter, and others at the same time. Bing, for some reason, isn't an option. Very accurate, being this is Dragon, they've had years to perfect an already good piece of software.

Dragon Dictation: This is a great program for fast typing for text messages and the like. Haven't tried it for typing a whole e-mail, but that could be interesting. Again, it's Dragon - it's a good piece of software.

Redbox: We have recently become fans of Redbox. They offer movie rentals that are inexpensive, and if you return them quickly, will only cost $1 per movie per day. The Redbox app will not only find the closest Redbox to you, but will allow you to reserve your movie in advance, and where it is in stock.

Rockband: I was skeptical of this one, but was quickly convinced after downloading the demo. It is a well put together app and can be addictive, not to mention get other people interested in it. If you have the actual Rockband or Guitar Hero for a console, this seems like overkill if you want your fix - but if you are looking to waste time while being active (or need your fix), this is it. It's worth the $6.95.

Action Bowling: So, this is in the category of a "time waster" app, but it is fun and addictive. There is a free version that lets you bowl one game at a time with little annoyance, and their paid version gives you more ability to configure and some other features. It's probably worth the $3.00, if you like paying for apps, otherwise, the free one would do a great job as a time waster.

The Simpsons Game: Anyone who knows me would know I would spend $4.00 to see if Homer could save the world. But, the game is good and you can spot a lot of Springfield's best characters. So far, I am about halfway through the game and it's good for the humor... I do want to finish it.

Some Honorable Mention:

- Madden 2010

- Chase Banking (If you have a Chase account, this is a must have)

- The Weather Channel

Some very bad apps, and I hope you don't try them:

- Fat Free Video Poker: If you like tons of ads and constant delays, this is for you.

- Avis (Car Rental): It isn't much of an app. You can make a new reservation, but can't manage your account.

- Zippo Lighter: Worth zippo. You can light it, then blow on the phone to put it out? Sounds cool, not worth it.

Not an exhaustive list, but hope this blog helps you find some new apps for your iPhone education and experience.


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