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iPhone V4 - First Thoughts...

Sunday, April 11, 2010 in Technical Articles (Views: 3530)
I was reading on the new iPhone OS 4.0 - and this is going to be something.

So, first of all, why did Apple seem to show up last to the game when it came to multitasking? Well, being a former (and forever) disgruntled Windows Mobile user, one refreshing thing about the iPhone was that it didn't have full out multitasking. This was a good and a bad thing.

The Good: You would only have one application running, which kept the phone responsive. You got what you needed, when you needed it. Unlike Windows Mobile, which I've literally had to wait a couple of minutes for a "modern" Touch Pro to react to a mouse click. I can see Droid owners going through some of the same pains now, as multitasking is starting to take its toll on users.

The Bad: What was true for those weary Windows Mobile users is now coming to the iPhone platform. As much as I love my iPhone, one thing is very clear. If Apple doesn't get in how it handles multiple applications right, Apple will find inself lumped into the likes of Windows Mobile, and now, Droid.

What about some of the other features?

One feature I am not looking forward to, and even from Apple, is this new iAd concept. This will allow for apps to launch advertising natively via their apps. I'm not sure how annoying this feature would be - but hopefully this is something that the user can disable on their own and that this is something that is specific to the app vendor.

One other thing that has been sore to many folks is the lack of flash support for the web. Holding your breath? Well, keep doing it - V4 won't have it.

Some other good things?

Well, I always thought managing 180 apps on the phone was plenty - but you can have up to 2160 apps now thanks to folder organization. I'm thinking that if it wasn't good enough before, it is now.

E-Mail is being improved as well. I always thought it was pretty good, but navigation between accounts has gotten better. There are better sort methods, and better attachment support.

Microsoft's answer?

Steve Ballmer has always maintained that the iPhone isn't enterprise ready, and that Blackberry is the greatest threat to Windows Mobile. However, it seems that either it's the iPhone or Blackberry (leaning towards the momentum belonging to iPhone) in "the enterprise".

What features does 4.0 add for the enterprise?

Multiple Exchange Activesync accounts, and Exchange Server 2010 support. FINALLY! Don't see even Microsoft supporting multiple Exchange accounts yet.

Wireless application distribution and increased systems management capabilities such as wireless config, remote wipe, and the like.

This could be scary times for Windows Mobile. Of course, I've heard all the "Windows Mobile 7 will be an all new experience" in other versions of Windows Mobile - and I'll believe it when I see it.


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