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iPhone V4 Multitasking

Monday, May 03, 2010 in Technical Articles (Views: 3731)
Some additional information regarding iPhone V4 has gotten out, mostly surrounding its multitasking.

Looking this over, V4 will not support true multitasking, and you can hear the grumbling already - but this is a very smart move. Instead of the "true multitasking", which tends to hog resources, not give them back, slow down phones, and cause a lot of heartache for end users, Apple changed the rules.

Real life scenario as of today:

- User is checking e-mail and needs to check a bank balance. The user then exits their e-mail app (in the middle of what they were doing), and checks their bank app.

- User returns to mail as though it was opened for the first time.

This would, eventually, cause the most sane of us to be driven to violence.

Under V4's multitasking philosophy, some apps will be truly multitasking, but the majority will not. That majority, such as e-mail will freeze, and when reactivated (by clicking the home button twice), will then (if the app is capable) resume what it was doing.

I like this idea of not hogging resources, and am reserving judgement for how it does. Performance was the main reason I left Windows Mobile, and trust by what I've seen from this that Apple has learned from Microsoft's mistake. My question is how long will it will take Microsoft to "copycat" this, and then try to convince the world that it was their idea.

Can't wait to see what V4 looks like - rumor has it that the first release will be out in June...


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