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Apple Privacy in iOS8: Good on them

Thursday, September 18, 2014 in Technical Articles (Views: 2720)
I was reading an interesting article today on Apple's new iOS8, and a main security feature: password protection.

Here is a link to said article: Apple could face heat from police on refusing data access, expert says

The argument goes in 2 ways:
Law Enforcement: It's harder to do our jobs
Civil Rights Activists: This is a great step towards maintaining personal privacy.

The issue as I see it, is that the phone itself doesn't necessarily tell the whole story. We live in a connected world, where things aren't necessarily limited to a single device. Services do offer anything from file, contacts, and even password syncing. So, really your private information is floating in more places than just one.

The concept of syncing or keeping data on the cloud isn't a new one, the term more or less is. Services like Yahoo were allowing customers web based email and even offline mail services that sync your contact and mail into with "the cloud". Blackberry was quite known for this as well.

So, how big of a deal is this, really? Well, it means on a routine traffic stop, you don't have to surrender all your personal data to a police officer simply because you had a tail light out. It means they would still have to get a specific warrant for that data and not be able to rummage through it.

I do agree that in today's America, fueled by the Nazi Surveillance Agency (or NSA), all your data, contacts, pictures, those you associate with, all should belong to the government. And it does keep us safe from terrorism, look at the Boston Marathon bombing, where the terrorist and his terrorist thug "associates" were right in the radar the whole time, yet the Nazi government was too incompetent to see it.

But, I support Apple - it's a step in the right direction that your data is yours. If you choose to keep it all local, back it up local, and not give away your password to anyone, it's good for them.


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