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XBox Live down on Christmas

Thursday, December 25, 2014 in Technical Articles (Views: 2855)
So, for those wondering when or if Microsoft will actually get their Xbox Live service back up and running, you can visit

Now, for my take on this:
It's amazing how something so simple like Xbox Live can go offline from an attack. Sadly, businesses protect themselves with this same technology. Should the business world be watching? I bet they are.

As people worldwide were not able to log into Xbox Live, redeem codes, or perform other basic functions on the service, Microsoft spin doctors on their site were saying the service is up and running. Maybe gaming isn't a big deal, but it is big business. And I do believe the business world is watching how this is handled, and how their business may be protected in these situations.

So, how secure is your data in the cloud? Well, maybe another blog... :)


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