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Windows 10: Take 2

Friday, January 30, 2015 in Technical Articles (Views: 2089)
So, it seems like it's been a while since Windows 10 Preview came out, and I wanted to weigh in my thoughts as to this new Operating System.

The first preview wasn't bad, and certainly looked different than the second (allow me to say that the first looked better). The Start Menu is back to the Windows 7 start menu, with the addition of Live Tiles. Now, before wanting to crucify anyone, the tiles can be resized and if done correctly, can actually be beneficial. Enter Tablet mode, which is the somewhat "iconic" Windows 8 start screen again, a bit downgraded. There is better organization, but is a bit more of a learning curve to it, at least to us "old schoolers" who forced ourselves to use Windows 8.

What's good about it?
* Copy and paste in the command prompt with Ctrl-V (for those too lazy to know the Alt-Space, E, P sequence). Makes you want to buy? :)
* The start menu is a little better with the Start screen being gone
* Modern or "Metro" apps are now windowed, or capable of being, and resized. Some apps won't perform in a window smaller than a certain size, but it beats the snapping Windows 8 had to do.

Should I upgrade my Windows 7 or 8 to this?
No. Besides the standard disclaimer of "this is pre-release", it really hasn't been a nice process to upgrade to.

The upgrade process with "keep my files and settings" was a total bust. Even Microsoft's own apps like OneDrive and games require reinstall. I can log into the store, the games hub, but switch to a Microsoft game and it's "you need a reinstall, we don't know who you are". This is, of course, if the app actually works still. In Microsoft Sudoku's case, the app was worthless after installing Windows 10 (and can't sign into XBox Live). Sign of things to come?

To add insult to injury, Microsoft still insists on adding their own apps, doubling down on a slap in the face bet to people who don't want them. SKype will still be Skype, News is still News, nothing changed. We remove it, and Microsoft stuffs it down our throats while breaking the apps we have installed.

Hyper-V on the workstation still doesn't work worth a crap on wireless. Supposedly this is or will be fixed, but the best fix for this is VMWare Workstation, it's worked for years with the same drivers Hyper-V fails on. Again, Microsoft grasping defeat from the jaws of victory while having all the advantages: their OS, their Hypervisor, their signed drivers.

Last thoughts
With the new Microsoft, the first reaction to any blog that states things from them aren't "the most awesome thing ever", is "what did you do wrong", or "if you can't see it's the most awesome thing ever, you're stupid". The old Microsoft would have sought ways to fix this and be in line with what customers and enterprises wanted, rather than their wants.

This is still preview software, fair enough. But, if this is a showing of strength for what the future looks like, production better be ramped up, at Apple. Microsoft has never been, and probably never will be, cool. There's nothing wrong with that, since they were always effective. If Microsoft is looking for relevance again, they should actually listen to the consumer, rather than slap them in the face and respond by doubling down on that slap. Again Apple, I hope you're production is ramping up - it needs to be.


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