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Ditching Windows Phone

Monday, February 09, 2015 in Technical Articles (Views: 1606)
After finally having enough, I ditched my Windows Phone. Why? Well, a lot of reasons.

First, Microsoft and its employees are too blind to notice that much better things exist out there than any of the crap they are producing. Now, sure, it seems like a cheap shot, but when Microsoft employees carry Androids and iPhones? Well, I think they are one of the few who actually looked and saw the value other companies actually add to this mobile market. I will say some Windows Phones are pretty good for Microsoft's standards, just not the rest of the world. If anyone at Microsoft had their head up, they would have their mouth open, and then should vocalize that they are getting their butts kicked in the marketplace. Windows Phone holds a solid 3% of the market share for a reason, it's still "leading" from behind.

Mainly, there's an app for your mobile phone means "anything but your Windows Phone". If you like Angry Birds though, new versions seem to be limitless for Windows Phone. Phones shouldn't be religious experiences, they're tools. They don't need to be rationalized, defended, preached, or marketed. What I love about my Android? Well, nothing actually. It has no drama, things just simply work, which works for me.

It does what I want, when I want it. No compromises, no workarounds. This is why I ditched the Windows Phone.


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