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Microsoft's lack of relevance and Halo

Tuesday, February 24, 2015 in Technical Articles (Views: 1618)
Today, I was browsing around the Android store and an old friend came to mind, Master Chief from Halo. This blog is for him.

Why Master Chief? Well, he represents what is known as the "killer app", the app that makes people want to buy your platform, because it's exclusively for your platform. The original XBox in 2001 sold because of Halo, and even though Microsoft is trying to bleed every last cent of the franchise, it was ground breaking at the time.

Enter 2015 and the Google Play store. Microsoft realize that it has to win for losing, so it introduces versions of Office (Word, Excel, etc) for Android. Even OneNote and Outlook made their way to the Android, as many of these apps to Apple. So, why develop these apps for another device? Why not say "We have your Outlook, and it's only on Windows Phone"? Well, it's because nobody (excuse me, 3%) wants Windows Phone.

So, Microsoft continues the search for relevance in the commercial space, as it bleeds into the Enterprise. It is funny that in 2009 in Redmond, I told a group of Microsoft people how a single iPhone and a determined IT person could convince and convert an Enterprise to Apple. I was called crazy, and that I had issues. Fast forward to 2015, as the "Mobile First, Cloud First, Microsoft forgotten" approach is actually taking hold. Microsoft never had to be cool, just effective. All they had to do was make a product people wanted to buy.

Master Chief, you're part of an era that is long passed, but in this mind, not forgotten.


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