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Android and Sidesync, Better Together

Monday, May 18, 2015 in Technical Articles (Views: 1642)

In the category "all the great reasons I've ditched Windows Phone" is one more great app called SideSync. I've had the Android (Galaxy Note 4) his a while now, but this is just one of these apps that make things so much worthwhile.

Why you ask?

Windows Mobile (prior to 7) had a remote control capability, where you can control your phone from your keyboard. It was useful to send texts, stay connected, even work on mobile apps without having to use a stylus or even pick up the phone itself. For some reason, nobody picked up on this idea since Windows Phone 7 came out.

Even more amazing? Podcasting. Using my Podcasting tool of choice, Podcast Addict, I can flip the screen, or go full screen with a full audio experience through the PC and speakers. I can make a call through the PC speakers and microphone. So, I am a business nerd, but I am a Cavuto fan. It's my blog, not yours. :)

All this from simply setting my phone on a wireless charging pad and connecting my phone to the PC wirelessly.

If you have a Samsung phone, I would give this a serious look, and the price is right. It's a free app. You simply need the desktop app (here are direct links to 3.2 for both Windows and Mac) and to download the Android app from the Google Play store. There may be a newer version available when you read this, so please check the link at the top of the article. The downloads were on that page.


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