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Content Spammers

Tuesday, December 14, 2010 in Technical Articles (Views: 3723)
When I wrote the Contact Us code for the website, I had a simple vision. I just wanted to write a "Hello World" type application that is actually useful. Surprisingly, Microsoft didn't add one with Sharepoint, but maybe that's the next version.

In adding this web part, there has been legitimate mail, and of course, spambots find me. At first, I was going to email a confirmation email to the visitor with a copy of their email.

Here's a logic flaw with this. Say, everyone at IBM has the address (let's be considerate to IBM here and hope doesn't have an everybody alias). If they claim their email is a distribution list, I can be used to mass spam. So, it's best just to leave their comments to my inbox..

Maybe just a rant, but it's amazing what little holes can be opened up by the most simple of features. Site planning takes a lot more thought than it used to, that's for sure...


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