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Condemned: Criminal Origins (XBox 360)

Saturday, May 29, 2010 in Games (Views: 2768)
A couple of weeks ago, I finished Condemned – which is one of the original Xbox 360 games. For what it was worth, the storyline was decent, and the gameplay was good (for 5 years ago).

The game is set in a fictitious city, where you are a detective who are just working with a veteran cop. In the first of 10 chapters (once you finish it), you get your skull thumped, your gun is taken, and you then find out it was used to kill 2 cops. This, of course, is all a cut scene.

You then have to go through this entire world looking for who did this to you, and going through various fight scenes. Also, if you like playing games in the dark, this is for you.

What is strange about this game is how achievements are won. Of course, there are some basic ones for winning the game, but there are a couple of note.

• Look through the game and collect all the birds. In each round, if you grab a single bird, you'll get an achievement.
• If you collect all 6 birds in a round, it's another achievement.
• Collecting all 60 birds in the game is yet another achievement.
Note: There is some mention about a serial bird killer, since all these birds are either dead and covered in flies or dying.
• Metal pieces are important, and not sure why. These will unlock propaganda reports, which are other achievements.
• Also, there are TV sets to be found. These are easy, since they glow. Ironically, I wasn't sure if they just wanted to ass-kiss with the XBox 360, or if it was just new and cool back then, but you will find a TV every so often with a XBox 360 next to it. Pressing A will give you an achievement.
• If you pick up every melee weapon – that's one achievement. If you pick up every firearm, that's another.
- You can win with just melee weapons, but it isn't easy. • You guessed it, going through 1 level with a melee weapon is an achievement, as is 3 levels, and the entire game. I consider the latter suicidal and not worth it for the sake of achievements. If you are reading this blog, chances are you are looking at cheat sites for the game or looking for achievement hints. So, here are a few helps and spoilers:

• In the 8th chapter (the school), you will run into a crazed and huge lunatic with a meat cleaver. You will have to take out 3 crawlers going into the back of the kitchen first. Once you go into the kitchen too far, the door locks behind you. This would be the door that could lead you to health kits, or a shotgun. Personally, without the shotgun here you could be really screwed.
• Continuing on that train of thought, the shotgun to the face is nothing more than a glancing blow to this massive mad man. My recommendation would be to taser him to the head, then blast him with the shotgun to the face. The meat cleaver is lethal, so float like a butterfly and sting like a bee – and don't get cornered. Work head shots as much as possible and don't miss. This will be, in my opinion, your toughest foe until the end of the game.
• If you see a lot of eyes (yes, eyes, as in with pupils) on a wall, look for a metal piece close to it – also, don't be afraid to move objects to find it.
• You will learn that the killer you are after is a serial killer (surprise). However, this serial killer is one who goes after serial killers.
• You will have a couple of friends, but they aren't of much help. One is there just to provide you a storyline (Rosa) and the other (Vanhorn) is there just to use you.
• You will learn that the serial killer you captured is Vanhorn's relative.
• Before the final fight, save your game. The reason for this is 50 achievement points. As you leave the final scene, you will be in a car with Vanhorn, and realize that the serial killer is still in the back and moving. You then have 5 seconds (after a long cut scene, stay awake) to decide whether to spare the killer's life or be the executioner. Save you game – it's 50 points to kill him, and 50 points to save his life. To add to this, if you do nothing, his life will be spared.
• No matter what you choose to do at the end, you will meet with Rosa for the same cut scene. It was a game that kept me interested, and was fun. It wasn't the most exciting, but it was good for a game from 5 years ago that I paid $5 for. I also got Condemned 2 as well, but the reviews of the second version were pretty bad. Not sure if I will tackle that one any time soon.

Hope this review was helpful, and if you're looking for game hints – just enjoy the game. I scored 820 achievement points just going through it.


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