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The Definition of Playing Politics

Thursday, June 03, 2010 in My Opinions and Rantings (Views: 2220)
So many articles lately have revolved around American politics, well, take a breather, this one is about work politics.

One thing I believe strongly is about politics – I don't play them, I don't tolerate them, and I don't find those who play them well to be people I want to associate with.

Now that the "I's" win in the last sentence, why is this such a big deal?

I've always seen the definition of playing politics (coming from Washington DC) is having to compromise part of what you want or believe for a personal benefit, be it short or long term. I also think about playing politics, and what it's done to those I've worked with in the past.

Is it indeed possible to play politics without giving your soul away? Is it possible to tell people how right they are, even if it's a boldfaced lie, to go for a promotion? Do these people have souls?

Of course, all people have souls. I don't believe the soul can be sold, once you have possession of it, you own it for life. You can take out a loan against it. I also believe you can take out so many loans against it, you may have felt like you've lost it. It's like a credit card – you may still have the card, but it's maxed out. You can't really use it, just like you really can't use your own soul once you've given away enough of it to promote your own gains.

Is it all worth it? Is it worth the ass-kissing, the corporate "yes man" mentality, and all the other destructive actions that cause a company to go under, just in the name of some personal progress? Is your soul loaned out, is your credit (and credibility) maxed? It's never too late to change. It's called being an adult – grow a spine and start speaking the truth. Ask the tough questions, and don't be afraid of tougher answers.


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