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Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper (XBox 360)

Sunday, June 6, 2010 in Games (Views: 3899)
Yesterday, I completed my 5th XBox 360 game. The definition of complete is to score all of the achievement points for a particular game. Most full games allow for 1000 points (not sure if Microsoft set this as a standard), and most arcade games allow for 200 points. Most of these games are just cheap $5.00 games, but some of the more fun. Let's stay on task with the game review.

So, this game is complete – all 1,000 points in the bank, and have to say that this game was very well thought out. If you're not a fan of games that take a lot of concentration, or memory, or if its something you have to play in one sitting, this game isn't for you.

Sherlock Holmes (look him up on Wikipedia) was a fictional character. He, through logic and forensic deduction could solve any case (too bad he was fictional). But, like Encyclopedia Brown, Sherlock Holmes always gets to the bottom of a case.

Ultimately, I was torn between great and crappy game. The game itself was the equivalent to watching a British PBS marathon. It was dry, the game had few ironic funny parts, and it was all about chasing a killer. I suppose in real life it needs to be this way – you are going after a cold blooded killer.

This game, of course, is set on the case of who was known as "Jack the Ripper" back in 1888. The real case was closed (unexplained to anyone) in 3 years, after "Jack" died of "natural causes" (Syphilis) in 1891. This game, however, is incredibly detailed – as you would expect nothing less from Sherlock Holmes. Here's a rundown of the good and bad from the game:

The Good:

• The game is incredibly detailed, and you need to remember a lot of facts about the case. • The game does keep good notes for you, meaning that you can go back and reference many points of the case, including everything that was said. Isn't it great storing text, it's so small… :) • If you read quickly, take the captions and hit the B button to skip the dialog. A lot of your time will be spent here. • If you like scoring achievements, this is one of those games where finishing it will simply net you most of the achievements, if you pay attention to detail. The one I missed and went back for was "dogged", where you had to test the murder weapon on a pig's head (dead one, of course). Basically, you were supposed to go knife crazy and once they stopped you, the achievement popped. • Great for data and forensics, and very detailed. Thought out. • Side note about achievements: You will probably score about 700-750 just finishing the game. The Bad:

• This game takes a long time to clear, and if you want a quick murder mystery, this isn't for you. • Not the kind of game, as least not in my world, that you can put down for 3 months and jump back into. • Not too many people will figure this one out without help. • The final scene (there were 2). The conclusion was good, but the final act was, well, left a lot to be desired. The conclusion was done when you put all characteristics to all suspects. Here's a hint, only one had all the characteristics, and then Holmes and Watson talked about how it all went down. Indifferent, but noteworthy:

• The captions that are left on the screen aren't always followed, but you won't lose the proper context of the game if you skip ahead. • The achievements for the game don't seem to fit all the tasks involved. Look at a couple paintings in a room scores you 80 points, but to go through a puzzle from hell scores you 10. There is a lot of these achievement injustices, unfortunately. Overall, a good game, but pay attention and keep your notes together.


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