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Not one single dime...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010 in My Opinions and Rantings (Views: 1810)
This is Barack Hussein Obama's solemn promise – not to raise taxes a single dime on the average American household, except for the wealthy. We have heard this definition change multiple times since he said it in the first place.

So, has he held up to his word? Well, let's look at the BP situation and what is about to happen. BP will pick up the tab for the oil spill (as they should), but they will have to raise prices to stay in business. Here's my honest answer as to what is going to happen…

• BP has to raise their prices because of some new "save the sand" tax. Let's say this equates to another $1.00 a gallon (most likely more). • Other companies who sell gas such as Exxon take advantage and raise their prices another $1.00 as well, even though they don't really need to. I'm sure that all companies will pay for the mistake. ?Point here: If a company can gouge you, they will. ?Also, if BP is forced to pay for all of the oil spill, what if they wind up in a situation where they can't afford it? The other companies will need to get ready to pay up – so gouge while you can. So, in the end, we learn that by taxing companies and raising the cost to all consumers, we consumers may be the losers for the price hikes. Remember though, we never took a tax increase. Bottom line: The consumer always loses.


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