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iPhone V4: My first thoughts

Tuesday, June 22, 2010 in Technical Articles (Views: 1979)
So, last night I saw that iPhone V4 as a software upgrade was available. So, in anticipation, I downloaded the upgrade, and installed it.

The install process was good, even though my version of iTunes needed to be 9.2 before applying the OS upgrade - fair enough. The upgrade, to my surprise, only took a few minutes and the phone was up and going again. From what I can tell, no loss of any apps or data - just a clean upgrade.

What is good, are a lot of the new features. I am looking forward to using multiple Exchange connections, and the folder capabilities for apps. The phone itself, although I didn't think was possible, runs a lot smoother.

So, time to turn the page. Multitasking. I was a little disappointed in this, not because it didn't work, but the underwhelming lack of V4 compliant apps as it applies to multitasking. This means, in plain english, that many apps would act no differently than in V3.1. If you were in your banking application, and you ?jumped out to get to your e-mail, then you would return to the beginning of your banking application. Incidentally, mine was written for V4 and doesn't multitask. This makes double tapping the home button a little less enticing. At least the iPod can multitask, but I'll reserve judgement to see how many jump on board.

One thing I do enjoy early is downloading Podcasts and creating playlists from the iPhone.

Overall, I may need to reserve judgement - the phone is still smooth, still works very well. I will have to blog more as I learn more about V4.


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