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Outlook 2010 and "Suggested Contacts"

Wednesday, June 23, 2010 in Technical Articles (Views: 4705)
File this one away under the category of "picky user", or "bad development", I'll leave that one up to you.

First of all, what is suggested contacts? This is where you start typing a person's name, and past contacts (that are not Outlook contacts) appear. Also, previous entries you have emailed from your Global Address List will also appear.

But, Office 2010 did something right - the famed NK2 file from previous versions has been moved to a folder called "Suggested Contacts". Where did Microsoft blow this? Here is how "Suggested Contacts" works...

The "Display As" field holds all the needed information. So, you have a contact with the following information:

• File As: King, Joe
• Display As: Joe King

The Display As field will be what will be drawn from.

So, if you start typing "King", you will receive nothing. If you start typing "Joe", you will receive Joe King as an option.

If you change the Display As field to King, Joe, you will then see the reverse of the previous exercise.

The bottom line here is that Suggested Contacts only draws from the first part of the string, meaning that "Kin" will not lead to Joe King either.

Not liking this "feature", and have had several users complain that they can find people by first and not last, or last, but not first name.

Just my 2 cents...


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