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Get it done vs. Get it Right

Tuesday, June 29, 2010 in My Opinions and Rantings (Views: 1430)
I think of the obituary of the late, great Mr. Common Sense at times. He is missed, and was dearly loved by some, but there are some of us still living who have forgotten him.

In business, I think of a few different thoughts that come to mind in this blog:
  • There's never enough time to get things done, but always enough time to get things done once you've screwed it up the first time.
  • The best way for things to continue as normal is to continue rewarding stupidity.
  • You can change the product, change the players, but playing the same game will get you the same outcome. This is about IT mostly, since it's what I do. But, I'm sure many who have done projects would probably relate.

My rant today? Is it worth it to save face and get a project done on time, or get the project done right? Logic would tell me that getting it done, of course, is incredibly important. But, in IT perception of the outcome is more important than getting it done. If you, say, implement a product, if it doesn't work very well, the overall perception is that it's a bad outcome. However, another month would have made it late, but at least had it done right, with a good outcome.

Really, it's about common sense. For all the artificial deadlines, I would think a reasonable expectation of a deadline should be met with reasonable extensions. It's about get it right to me, not getting it done.


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