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IT Icons: Mike Woltz

Wednesday, May 02, 2007 in Technical Articles (Views: 3837)
I was doing some thinking in the car today, and wanted to bring back a segment from my old website, which was the "IT Icons" series. In this segment, not only was it time to give back to those who are coming up in the business, but to recognize those who helped form me, and pave the way for me.

So, I will be in the coming weeks highlighting some people who really have made a difference over the years and have taken this rough diamond, the work in progress, and made it into a closer to finished product.

Let me start with the one who I believe was to many a father in this business - a man by the name of Mike Woltz. Mike is from Iowa, and pioneered a software called Spitfire, an old DOS based BBS software system. A Bulletin Board System (BBS) was the old school place where people would dial-in, exchange messages, and play online games together... In a way, a very primitive look at what people now do online on the internet now...

But back to Mike - if you were to Google his name, you would see nothing but good things about this guy. He was a leader of the hobbyist movement for those of us who lived in a time where computer users as a whole "didn't suck", but most of us were there to support and learn from each other. The man who invented this BBS software, which taught so many of us DOS, batch scripting, and general IT practice from this hobby, was available to take calls at home regarding his software, and some of our computers.

...and Mike, thanks for teaching a few of us computer repair in those "not so cut and dry days".

So Mike, thanks for all your service to the IT community and giving me that start and creating a circle, which to this day, people refer to Spitfire as the "good old days"...


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