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Money for Something

Sunday, July 25, 2010 in Technical Articles (Views: 4562)
With any platform, where you let anyone with a subscription and a piece of software design code, you can expect 2 things: Some great ideas, and some real crap.

With the iPhone, comes a lot of free apps - but also some amazing software, which costs next to nothing, and well worth it. As a developer, I do want to see some return on my investment: either through registrations or my ego (let's be honest, not all software should cost money and some developers do it for popularity).

I wanted to sh?are with you a few amazing finds out there, and for not much:

CSI (99 cents): I had to admit, for those who wrote this game, I don't know how much money they will make. But, for 99 cents? You have a full blown case to investigate, it's clear cut, and really kept me busy waiting for a flight and on the plane. One thing I would recommend is to turn off the vibration feature before it kills your battery.

Ultimate Video Poker (99 cents): This is about a 25 in 1 game, everything from Jacks or Better to Deuces Wild, to multi-hand, etc. There's a lot of crap poker - this one keeps my attention.

Solitaire (99 cents, by Mobilityware): Need I say more? If you're looking to kill time waiting for an appointment, or in a meeting (yes I said it), look for this app.

Just a few apps to get you thinking - not to mention a lot of good free apps out there. I welcome your ideas for good apps that you have found cheap or free out there, but I have been impressed lately with the amount of decent quality stuff available.

Also, as a good member of the community, please rate all apps you use.


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