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For those on the go, and go, and go...

Thursday, September 23, 2010 in Technical Articles (Views: 2823)
The Netbook is an interesting phenomenon. It, for the most part, sits in a closet and comes out when I travel.

For those who remember from past blogs, I bought an Acer Aspire One and souped it up a bit - or as much as you can soup up a gutless machine such as this. The processor is weak, the screen is small (which really isn't too bad), but the keyboard is hard to adjust to when you are used to something more full sized. Honestly, I find typing on the iPhone to be easier than this.

So, truth be known. The best reason to travel with a NetBook is not just power management and it's lightweight nature, but you can use it to remote into a real box, such as my test labs. :)

So, I have ripped it enough, but here is what doe?s impress me. I recently swapped out the internal (cough) 5400RPM drive for a SSD. To be exact, I'm running a OCZ 60GB SSD, which is plenty for boot and things like Office (if I'm desperate enough to use Word or Excel locally).

I take this little NetBook on a plane, crack it open, which incidentally I've found any laptop almost impossible to use on a plane unless I was in first class. It opens nicely, and holds a charge for quite some time. I was using the system to read eBooks (PDF) and for about 3 hours of use, I still had about half the battery left.

I was running Windows 7 Pro, although Starter or Home would be fine for most people, had the NIC disabled and the screen brightness turned down. I found for reading everything was fine, and the screen was just bright enough that I could see without it blinding me (never been a big fan of a bright laptop screen though).

Just some quick thoughts on the NetBook - gutless, yes. Can it keep you busy and entertained a while? Absolutely.


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