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Stupid "Send this to everyone" messages

Saturday, May 5, 2007 in My Opinions and Rantings (Views: 5124)
We all see them constantly - the infamous forwards... Today, forwards have reached an all time low...

I am not speaking to people who forward something they get every once in a while that touches them, but those who everything in sight of their inbox (in some cases multiple times) seems to get passed on...

In the 90's, we saw mass e-mail virus outbreaks for the first time. If some of you remember, one virus (remember Melissa) would take the first 50 e-mails from your address book and send an e-mail to them. Well, people who write virus code learned they would have jail time involved for their actions.

Consider a new game - which is sending an e-mail, and counting the amount of times it is forwarded back to you. Some people actually do play this game. It started with announcements of major viruses, or things that could destroy your computer and/or way of life - so pass this on to everyone you know. Now honestly, how many people would take e-mail communications as seriously as say a major media outlet like Fox News, CNN, etc... Also, urban legends and other hoaxes show up this way as well...

So how did the forwards hit the low that forced me to comment? Think what you want about the Iraq war, the President, the whole state of the United States. I received a forward (more than once today I may add) speaking of the difference between the troops and whiney people who are nothing more than citizens. No matter how "well intentioned" the writer was when this message was sent, it was still another form of mass spam. What ticked me off was the final line...

If you support your troops, send this message to your friends.

If you don't support your troops well, then don't send it, it's not like you know the men and women that are dying to preserve your rights

Tell me how not spamming the rest of the world with this message tells the world that I don't support the soldiers who are fighting overseas as we speak. Maybe it's showing respect for others and not flooding their inboxes or slowing down servers with a million and one junk mails such as this one... In all honesty, after all this time, you won't sway people one way or the other about the Iraq war, so just stop already.

One of my favorite spam stories of all time was produced by someone who's computer I used to fix regularly - and as thanks, I was forwarded all the important happenings of the world as sent to the user's inbox... Being this person was on the radical right, I was and wasn't surprised when I was forwarded pro-abortion propaganda.. When confronted with why I would get this, I was simply not forwarded anything else - mission accomplished. :)

So please, before sending something to everyone you know, please really look at the content. Is it something of interest to who you are sending it to?


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