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Hamachi and Name Resolution

Friday, December 03, 2010 in Technical Articles (Views: 6165)
For most who set up Hamachi, the client to client communication is fine by IP address, since in some cases, all clients are also Hamachi clients. But, what if you have a domain model running in a gateway? I've seen enough questions posted around about this, that I wanted to say a few words about it.

In a gateway, only one internal client is designated as a client, with all external machines as clients as well. The internal client can't be part of any other Hamachi networks, and cannot be a domain member. In my case, I just stood up a simple XP Pro SP3 box to take on the VPN connections.

So, for the domain model, you have 2 choices of name resolution (this shouldn't be too shocking to those who know what they're doing)...

Hosts (not recommended):? Of course, if your IP addresses of servers don't change, and you want to deploy a hosts file, this can be done. I would recommend that you use Group Policy or some type of deployment mechanism to automate this. You don't want rogue host files around.

One big drawback to this method is that you won't be able to connect (easily) to any machine that isn't in the hosts file.

DNS (recommended): You can set up your internal DNS Servers on your Hamachi NIC connection. So, if your internal DNS server is, you want to set this up in network connections. You want to leave the default DHCP option (and the gateway may be set to, but manually set the DNS to your internal servers.

With DNS, you will be able to easily resolve all client names, however, if you run things like a web server internally or have a CNAME for www, you may see a performance drop while connected to the VPN.

Hope this helps, and as always, happy computing.


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