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Law and Order / CSI Reborn

Saturday, December 11, 2010 in Games (Views: 1758)
This blog could fill a few categories, but I am going to spend some time relaxing and taking on some older but still fun games from Law and Order and CSI. A few things of note:

• For those who bought Law and Order, Criminal Intent, there appears to be a second game - don't be fooled by this. It's called Criminal Intent 2 - Dark Obsession. It is actually the first case from the Criminal Intent Series, the murder of Martin Castillo. This will save you about $20 by not buying the other game.
• These games are older, so be careful with the newer video cards. If you have an older system to play on, great, if not, then I would recommend that you use Windows XP Compatibility on Windows 7, and tone down to 640x480 mode. These games run at that resolution anyway.
• When playing in Windows 7 (can't speak for other OSs), make sure not to be distracted. If you leave the game to do something else (check email, read my blog/walkthrough), chances are the game will die. If this is the case, make sure to save often, you'll need it.
• If you're on a touchpad, you'll want to use a normal mouse.

Some of these cases, I've already blogged on with Law and Order Criminal Intent. You can do a search for Law and Order and see a couple of the cases already. I think this was WAY back in 2007.

Overall, all the Law and Order games, and the CSI games cost me about $40 to have them shipped here. Some of these games were under a dollar at Amazon. Still some great deals to be had, and some fun from it... :)

Happy gaming, and will be back with some storylines/walkthroughs on the games later on...


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