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CSI: Fatal Conspiracy Review (XBox 360)

Sunday, January 2, 2011 in Games (Views: 3639)
UBISoft has released another in the CSI series, called Fatal Conspiracy. Over the next few blogs, I will give a sort of "walkthrough" for those who are playing, or a storyline for those who aren't.

In this blog, I want to make a simple review. This version of CSI does play like the others, with better graphics. My advice to you is a couple of things. First, save often, and second, turn off the training mode if you are already familiar with the game.

If you are playing for achievements, you will be able to score a strong majority (if not all) through normal game play. The game, as all regular 360 games is worth 1000 achievement points. As the blogs are written, I'll try to remember where the achievements pop. But, this is an easy and interesting 1000 points.

This game produces 5 new cases in which you will solve 5 different, yet ultimately connected murders (actually, there are 6 victims). Stay tuned to future blogs as to the cases themselves. There are some good story lines here, and is pretty much an interactive version of watching the show on TV. Not bad for the price.


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